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Jan Leach is a Forensic Document Examiner and handwriting expert. She finds the proof your lawyer needs. Jan Leach has testified in court since 1996, including US Federal Court, Florida State court and internationally in the Turks and Caicos Supreme Court. She has worked as a handwriting expert / document examiner in Florida since 1996. 

Jan Leach can help you...

* If someone has forged your name.

* If someone says it's not your signature but it is

* If you have doubts about a signature.

* If you need to find the truth behind the handwriting call             

           us at (407) 628-1090 and tell us your problem.

Handwriting expert witness Janice Leach looks to verify the genuineness of signatures and documents so clients may make informed decisions about their cases. She will travel to support your case in Florida, the South, the U. S. and the Caribbean.

After thorough document examination, we will provide you with a report, an affidavit or a letter of opinion. We can provide court testimony to support our opinion in your case, if needed.

In addition to our office, we also have portable equipment so that we can examine documents at any location.

Jan Leach has testified as a handwriting expert witness in many Florida counties including:

* Orange County * Brevard County

* Polk County * Seminole County

* Pinellas County * Volusia County

Georgia counties:

* Berrien County * Floyd County

In 2011, handwriting expert Jan Leach successfully completed accuracy testing, (in collaboration with the Forensic Expertise Profiling lab, La Trobe University a program started by Dr. Brian Found).  See ST2AR: Skill-Task Training and Research, Inc.

She has experience as an expert document examiner with forged signatures, disputed wills, forgery, disputed contracts, disguised handwriting, checks, promissory notes, altered medical records, mortgages, quit claim deeds, trusts and estates, immigration cases, insurance claims and industrial espionage. 

Jan Leach has examined suicide notes, poison pen letters, medical records, holographic wills (handwritten) and even graffiti. She has aided attorneys in providing strong evidence to support cases. 

Jan Leach was a member of the National Association of Document Examiners and has attended their seminars and workshops. 

Jan Leach is certified by the International Association of Document Examiners.

Professional Associations

The Institute of Graphological Sciences (tIGS),lectured at annual conference June, 1995, Dallas, Texas. 

Graphological Society of San Francisco (GSSF) 

Participant in Congress of Graphological Societies (COGS); 


The International Association of Document Examiners (IADE) (current)

Former member of Scientific Association of Forensic Examiners (SAFE)

Former member of National Association of Document Examiners (NADE); 

American Association of Handwriting Analysts (AAHA) 

Southeastern Handwriting Analysts (SEHA) (current) 

Past Member of ASTM International, a standards development organization (current) 

Private Investigators Association of Florida (honorary)