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About Us

Jan Leach has examined thousands of handwriting samples for the past 25 years. She has testified as a forensic handwriting expert since 1996. Upon giving her opinion many cases settle out of court. Her court experience includes Federal, State and District courts.

When we receive your questioned documents, they are scanned into our computer and used for reference and exhibits to support our opinion. Our lab is equipped to examine documents but we never perform any destructive testing on any questioned documents. Our staff uses your documents to compare to known exemplars in order to draw conclusions.

We like to work with original documents whenever possible. First generation photocopies can be used. We cannot use faxes. We are portable so that we can examine questioned documents at any location.

We will provide you with a report, an affidavit or a letter of opinion. We can provide court testimony to support our opinion in your case, if needed.

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